About Our Community

The early church grew rapidly by earning the favor of the people in the cities it served. The contemporary church can achieve similar growth today.

Collaborate and Thrive

We’ve created an ecosystem that fosters relationships while providing an economic engine for each member’s financial benefit and sustainability. We mobilize God’s people across public, private, and social sectors through transformational leadership.

Website examples

Build a Business Directory

Your personalized international directory is made available within our global community. Branded for your business or organization, your business directory serves as an information center for Christian businesses/organizations looking to do business together.

  • Categorized into our searchable directory

  • Customizable Banner, Logo, and Colors

  • A configurable About page to talk about your business

  • Address and contact information

  • Directory upgrades available to unlock shared commerce options and more

Join and Contribute to the Community

Empowering community connectivity and collaboration through feeds, groups, and topical discussions. Providing joinable events and direct messaging tools to facilitate personal connections, professional growth, and seamless communication. Bringing Christians together to work with one another.

  • Feeds

  • Groups

  • Topics

  • Events

  • Direct messaging

  • And More

Community interfaces

Access to an expanding global resource center:

In addition to fostering cherished relationships, all CWM members will have access to an expanding global resource center.

This includes technology tools, services, eLearning, the RX4 Wholeness app for mental health and wellness for both sufferers and caregivers, best practices for businesses and non-profits, and much more.


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eLearning Classes & Seminars

We provide eLearning courses that help coach you on various business aspects. Our core offerings focus on integrating faith in the workplace and mobilizing the church to effect change.

Mentoring & Coaching

Benefit from experienced mentors and coaches, ensuring you never have to walk alone.

Strategic Partnerships – Joint Ventures – Mergers & Acquisitions

Expand and succeed through various pathways with fellow believers.

Direct Messaging & Communication Tools

Communicate safely, securely, and without fear of espionage.