Flourish Together

Creating a global network of marketplace ministries

Why Citywide

Growing his kingdom
Working with Christian businesses and organizations helps to expand a culture that embraces faith in the workplace. Encouraging peoples faith as an asset and not a liability.
Helping one another
We want to help one another grow and thrive. Citywide provides resources that help you get to the next step of growth and connects you with businesses allied in mission and purpose.
Thriving together
Increase your visibility and reach by creating a business directory that helps fellow Christians and businesses find and connect with you.
A woman raising her hand in a crowd
A young man helping a woman sitting at a computer
A crowd on the streets in a city

Welcome Members

Thank you to all of our members who have made this movement possible. We have a team of extraordinary people and businesses that have come together to help lay the foundation that Citywide Workplace Movement is built on.



Trailblazer Members:

A special thanks goes out to our Trailblazer Members.

Founder's Club Members:

Jason Benedict

James Bruyn

Craig Duhs

Tony Foster

Michael Heckmann

Bill Jefferis

Bubba Jennings

Wes Lane

Kevin Mitchell

Krystal Parker

Bill Peel

Michael Phillips

Jeremy Starnes

Mihali Stavlas

Ford Taylor

Johann van der Merwe

Bob Willbanks

Rich Carney

Chuck Proudfit

Pete West

Jim Wilz

Paddy McBane

Nathan Ivey

Dana Dunmyer